Is the HRC XR650R Power up kit reliable?

I get out as far as 100 miles in the middle of the desert and do quite a bit of road riding as well. Will the bike hold up under those conditions with the power up kit?

Where do can I get the best deal on the kit and are the power differences all that pronounced?


well it's a honda no probs there

the kit is a HRC product no probs there .

it is the quality of the installation of the kit , you know ... workmanship

The bike was originaly designed to have the HRC 11:1 piston, cam, cam chain and the exhaust made by Moriwaki but, with the smog laws and the addition of the smog stuff the HRC Kit turned into an add on kit. Stock uncorked bike puts 44rwhp (55bhp) and HRC kit is 52rwhp (64bhp) that is about 19% increase. That is a major increase.

I was told they ( Honda ) ran it 140 hr's wide open on a dyno with out failure.

I was told they ( Honda ) ran it 140 hr's wide open on a dyno with out failure.

Seams like a great system, wish it was more affordable though

I was told they ( Honda ) ran it 140 hr's wide open on a dyno with out failure.

It did.

So, did it fail after 140 hours? If so, what failed?

A slight thread hijack here. What about the power-up kit for xr650l? I plan on riding down through Baja and expect to be running crap gas. I can carry octane booster to help, but I want the thing as reliable as possible. It certainly can use more ponies though. Thanks.

...Now back to your regularly scheduled programming...

I meant they did 140 hours and all was well,nothing was out of spec.

But this is not the HRC engine.

I don't know about the original having the HRC gear with a Mori exhaust though.

"140 hours at wide open"... Holy cow, that's mind boggling!

Okay, I had dismissed the HRC kit because I thought it would adversely effect reliability. But... surviving 140 hours at WFO...hmmmm.

So if it will boost HP 19% over stock, what kind of boost would I see if I already have an uncorked R with a full-system Pro Circuit T4, vented side panel and Edlebrock?

And, is there an equally-reliable, but cheaper, roll-your-own, aftermarket alternative to the $1000 HRC kit? (Then again, maybe the HRC is WORTH a grand.)

It was not the HRC kit on the dyno it was the stocker pre production model it stood up to all the tests so it went into production.

I have a stage 2 hotcam with stock valves and timing chain ,no problems at all.

The stock bottom end is built for bookoo HP so the top is strong too.

Okay, thanks for the clarification.

So, what could I expect the Stage 2 cam to give me, boost wise (uncorked, P/C T4, Edlebrock, side-panel)?

Some guys say it just shifts the power from mid-range RPM power, to high RPM power. What was your experience? Did you lose any noticable mid-range.

I have kept the stock headers and advanced the Stage 2 cam a few degrees so i have it come on a little earlier and signs off a little earlier,works with the stock headers you see.

The stage 2 is all yahoo mate.

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