Shifting without the clutch??

I have an 08 450f and am wondering if it is bad for the transmission to shift/downshift without using the clutch? I have heard mixed things on this topic and would like to here your opinions.

i do about 50/50 clutching and non.. it all depends on what the conditions is.. most of the time i try to use the clutch tho.

Everything that I've read, seems to recommend using the clutch while upshifting...since you are accelerating and putting a load on the drivetrain, while not using the clutch on downshifting seems to be fine. I believe Gary Semics of the MX forum recommends only using the clutch while upshifting.

I personally don`t use clutch when upshifting, but I do use it while braking into hair pin turns, so that I won`t shut of the engine. You must know how to upshift without clutch. I blip my throttle back for a moment to upshift and it goes in like through butter.

It won't hurt a thing to up shift or down shift without the clutch. Just let off the throttle a wee bit and shift it. You can feel when the tranny unloads enough to shift.

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