Edlebrock hanging idle

I still have a very slight, short duration hanging idle on the edle. I have not played with the settings yet, as the throttle response is so amazing I don't want to loose anything.

When I let of the throttle (from any load, or any rpm) it hangs up just a tiny bit for about 1.5 seconds.

Any suggestions? I don't think it's an air leak, as it idles perfectly.

The hanging idle is usually caused by a lean condition. It could be from the top knob needle adjuster being set too lean or a lean needle.

Do you know what needle you are running?

What you want to do is find out what the top knob needle adjustmant is set at. You could conceivably click the adjuster in a click or two to richen it up. But, you should know or confirm what needle you have in the Edelbrock so that you know that you are trying to dial the carb in with the top knob while using the correct needle for your elevation.

After all that is hashed out then you might be able to tune your pump shot even better to get the best you can get from the carb. The tuning of the pump shot can end up being that extra icing on the cake. But you have to get the main jetting properly dialed in first.

i can also be caused by a partially blocked pilot jet .

In the case of the Edelbrock, they do not have pilot jets, main jets or any other jetting circuits other than the needle itself. The carb is a totally different design. The needle is not like a traditional needle either. It is not tapered to a point but rather has a beveled, tapered flat backside.


Just start turning the adjuster right (hold throttle open with the bike off and push the adjustment knob down to detent) a click or two at a time. That should cure your hanging idle.

Call Edelbrock's tech line 1-800-416-8628, give model # of your carb and/or the application, they will be happy to send you the tuning info you need. On the 650R I get best results with a 19E needle and the adjuster turned out 15-18 clicks from full rich, this is sea level to 1000 ft. Turn the adjuster clockwise for richer, counter clockwise for leaner.

I love this forum! Real answers!

I have the 19e needle, but am not sure about the setting. I will investigate.

How do adjust squirt?

Oh wait, I should take my own advice and DO A SEARCH.

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