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Could you list the pilot jet/main air jet (PAJ?)refference chart that you put together and how manny turns on the mas from sudco equals? I have done a search and can't seem to find it. Thanks

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See the table in: http://www.lifenet.com/brm/carbkei.htm

It has the air screw turns equivalents to pilot air jet size.

1 1/2=#125






The pilot air screw(PAS) is a replacement for your stock pilot air jet.

The correlation between the pilot jet(PJ) and pilot air jet(PAJ) to get a similar mixture according to Taffy is as follows:



48 - 110-125

45 - 100

42 - 75

38 - 65

35 - 55

This is with the pilot (fuel) screw at 1.5 turns plus or minus .5.

Keep in mind these are estimates without an air bypass valve activated. The PAJ may come down by 5-10 to get the most benefit.

The best way that I can describe what Taffy has found here is ideal settings for very crisp idle jetting. Especially at the small pilot jet sizes it has a nice sound to it, starts quick, snaps forward, runs clean. The needle selection he usually suggests with these is EMM#5 or EMN#5. This is also with reducing accelerator pump flow down to less than 1mm.


(Taffy, anything to add??? :) )

[ March 31, 2002: Message edited by: James Dean ]

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just to say to engmedic that it's listed at the bottom of jetting Q's and as you say i then modify my numbers so that the PAJ's would be even smaller. this again is in another list getting close to the end of my research (jan '02?).

there isn't a MAJ screw, just MAJ's ok?

these are relevant to the powercurve of each model. having said that-all the manufacturers want the same powercurve!


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