Engine Rebuild XRR & counter balancer is loose

just looking at suggestions or if I'm missing something

bought the Falcon rod kit and had it pressed in

I heated out and pressed in new main bearings and counter balancer bearings.

cases went together smooth and started bolting up cases.

Checked crank movement.. she spins good but the counter balancer is loose in movement side to side and up and down.

something is very weird. I check the bags the bearings came in and they are the correct ones.

I didn't check movement when I split the cases.

I'm thinking maybe the counter balancer is worn out of tolerance or i'm missing something.

I timed the gears correctly when I install the CB and crank (I think)

any ideas.


Bueller........... Bueller?........ anyone seen Bueller.

I guess I'm on my own with this problem....


I also noticed that play between the ballancer and crankshaft,

in my case I replaced crankshaft together with the gear and the play is still there.when i oiled the gears noise is less noticable.there is no visible wear

on ballancer gear.

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