scotts or wer dampner

Going to add a dampner to my 02 WR426. Was going to purchase scott combo (dampner,triple and pro taper bars)549.00, dealer suggested WER dampner for 300.00, Factory Connection rubber mount tripple 135.00 and pro tapers 80.00 or 515.00. Which is the better way to go. Price is not the issue. The dealer is pushing the WER. I like the adjustability of the Scott ( I think ).

New England woods rider. Like of rocky down hills.


You should consider the GPR......similar to the Scotts with better features and warranty. Give them a call.


I've ran the W.E.R. for a few years now and love it. I like the extra money I saved too.

Last years GNCC champ Rodney Smith likes the WER damper too. :)

Had the WER. Ditched it. After I had it on the bike for about a year the dampning faded FAST!

Had someone with extensive knowledge rebuild it and still hardly any dampening. I even went so far as to use 30 wt fork oil. That helped some but it didnt give me near the adjustability that all my friends Scott's gave them.

Go Scotts. I was not impressed with the WER at all.

Go with GPR.

I have a WER on my street bike and it SUCKS. It feels as if it is almost non existent even at maximum damping. I am pretty sure WER only has one unit and just sells different mounts for different applications, that being the case I would stay away. I have some freinds with the Scotts and they have an excellent range of adjustment.

LOL :):D:D

I spend a rainy Sunday afternoon reading the latest posts on TT and what do I see, as many opinions on Dampers as you would get if you asked that old gem "What Oil Should I use?"


Back to the other straightforward posts... I know of two other dampers that I could throw into the equation, but won't...

Will that be weld-on or bolt-on with that Damper order, sir?

David :D

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Scotts all the way. Better built product and they have been around for ever. Read the magazines and why do you figure they almost always use a Scotts. I know for a fact he doesn't give to them for free. Never had any trouble with mine nor do I know anyone that has. But there is always the guy who buys his second hand and mouse's the install and bitches about it when it doesn't work right. Get the right setup and forget it. Scotts damper has saved my butt more times than I can count or at least that I would ever tell my wife.


Scotts,It has more adjustability.Check out the new low mount set-up Scotts is starting to offer as an option.We're working on the mount that allows for the headlight.eRKIScZLFOpaSZb.JPEG

This would be a nice option since I already have a number plate cut up and the mounting bracket welded on my bike from when I had the WER.

Thanks for the pics!

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