Key ignition ?

Has anyone ever wired a key ignition to their

dual sported WR 400 ? Can this be done and how?

It would be nice to have piece of mind when the

bike is out of your site .

Here's one for kick-start models: 4-Strokes Only

I suppose you were thinking of getting one so you could use your bike more like a normal street bike. (Park it outside the store and walk in without having to constantly watch it, etc.) I've been wondering the same thing. Unfortunately, I think a key switch would be pretty easy to defeat, if you knew what you were doing. All it would take is a pair of wire cutters.

Just twist the throttle 3 or 4 times before you go into the store or leave it sitting. Not many would know how to clear it out...

I think some european wr426's come with steering locks. Dunno if this is available as a part from Yam.

Look at this pic

Part of the reason i'm thinking of importing one instead of getting the uk model.


Yes z4me thats what I was thinking.

I know that it would only take a yank on

the wires to disable it thats asuming all thieves

would know this. I just want to cut the percentages.I'm thinking only 40 percent of thieves would know this and mabe only 10 percent would know the starting drill on the WR.You never know when they might get lucky.

When I'm done riding and store my bike till the next ride I always put the bike in 5th gear,push the kicker to top dead center,put on my alarm lock

and disk lock.

UKPaul - Euro WRs come with a lock assembly which replaces the bracket that fits between bottom triple clamp and headlamp. The bolts are anti tamper.

You could fit one to any WR/YZ. Trouble is the headlamp plastic is different, it has a hole for the lock to poke through.

The lock will only prevent honest people from stealing the bike as thieves will just waggle the bars really hard until the lock gives way.

I carry a good quality (multilok)large padlock and pop it through the rear sprocket when I park.

I pull the hot start button out, and then pull the wire off the ignition. Thought about the idea of a hidden switch that wires in to the ignition wire, but I think a lock on the sprocket/chain would be the best, because then the theif can't push the bike away.

Never thought of the hot start button.

that's good.I'll remember that.

if it makes you guys feel any better, all bikes are very simple to hot wire. on my buells all you have to do is disconnect the ignition and jump the two outside leads (there are only 3 to begin with). Harleys are the same way, one screw and you can disconnect the same ignition switch that my buells have. I am going to install the H-D style ignition switch on my WR so that I can have the ignition on or off and not have to have the key in the lock. The H-D style allows you to remove the key after you turn the switch on or off. Also the idea of putting a keyed ignition on a bike is simply to keep the honest people honest and keep any yahoo who gets a bad drunken idea from taking off on my bike. I dont know about you guys but where I am at when the professional theives around here want a bike they just pull their truck beside it and hook the box mounted hoist up to it and lift it into the truck box. They are good, and they are fast.

just my .02 cents worth,


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