Thinking about buying 05 450f- input please!

Is this a good year guys? Any problems? Tranny good this year? Any free power mods? Things to look for etc..... My Brother and I are going to buy the bike tomorrow morning for Him- we are totally stoked that we finally get to ride together again. Had to sell his last bike to buy a work truck- but now the time has come!!! Bike is in great shape but just wanted to run it by everyone to get advice and suggestions.

Thanks, Ryon

No known issues/problems with mine? You can check my garage and view some of the redneck mod's that I did along with the $ ones.

Turkey baster coolant overflow mod

LOL that is awesome

YAMAHA has'nt had a bad year!! I have had numerous F's, 98 400, 00 426, 2-02 426's and 05 450! They have all been great reliable race bikes. I have no ill will for the other brands, have simply ridden Yamaha's cause the dealership that is most heavily involved with Motocross in my area happen's to be a Yamaha dealer. I have had NO issues with any of mine and would recommend them without hesitation!! 05 was the last year for the steel frame, and I have not owned one of the aluminum models. BUT unless you are a PRO level guy, you won't notice, and the 2005 was a great dependable bike, especially if you get one that has been well maintained for a fair price!!

Good luck!! Let us know how it works out!!

Great keep it is $3000 out the door private party- barly ridden

Great keep it is $3000 out the door private party- barly ridden

That's a good price for a low hour California bike. :thumbsup:

Ok we got the bike. He actually paid 3300 but the bike looks like it came off the show room floor! Very Nice bike! Im stoked that we can ride agian together. But man I gotta tell ya- that bike does not have much of a gas tank! I have a 650r with a 3.2gallon IMS on it. I laughed at him and told him I would drain some of mine out when we ride in the Dez cause he won't make it far. Man the bike is nice.

You will enjoy your new bike.

I have an 05 Yz450f and an new 07 CRF450r.

My son prefers to ride the YZ though it is older and has the steel frame. It is still as easy to start and the new one and runs smoothly, pulls hard etc. etc, with over 100 hours on it it feels like new so I am guessing you will enjoy yours..

To be honest, I even enjoy it just as much as the CRF..

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