88 before and after

here's a photo after I made a few changes, still waiting on my seat cover and some new knobs, I changed the exhaust to an '87 (2 into 1) so when I get ready to add a different can I wont have trouble finding one.



Clean machine. My '01 doesn't even look that nice and it's babied.

Nice job! That thing looks sweet!:thumbsup:

That's too clean, better get out and ride!!

I have an 88 I'm going through right now and could use your exhaust and rear fender if u have any intrest in selling those parts? Does yours have the digital speedo assembly? BTW the bike looks great! :thumbsup:

I think Im gonna hold on to everything, thanks for asking though

The only thing I dislike about my 89'600R is the drum brakes. It does handle better off road than my L, but is now not faster. Both bikes are built, but the R is my choice for pushing the legal limits off-road.


that engine is going to be 20 years old and look how clean it is.

you take good care of your stuff man, looks really really nice.

nice ride bro!

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