Grenaded rear hub


bearing went south fast and this happened either when it went or on the ride out. The rim was warbling a little but:D

any one have any leads on a replacement hub?


where are you in CA?



where are you in CA?



Burbank, CA 91501

I will let you knwo very shortly if i cannot find one locally



Yea, been there done that. When I was looking for a hub there were none to be found (used). Ended up buying a new one off Service Honda.


Jump on that deal from Potts228. Hubs are big bucks.

Jump on that deal from Potts228. Hubs are big bucks.

For real. A new one from Service is $240. :thumbsup:

What's the cause? Does this happen out of the blue? Is there any method to minimize it occurrence?

I broke one on an xr250r. I think I had the chain adjusted too tight. I was jumping, and bottomed the rear suspension, and the rear hub cracked just like that. Rookie mistake. Costly one at that.

I just did the same thing but i blew out the sprocket side

that was not my issue.:thumbsup:

I think i found a fix for this but its not the cheapest. Trading this bike in as is for an 07. This scooter has seen better days, luckily it sure has seen a lot of better days, checker flags, mexican taco stands. I am washing my hands of her

I don't know the resons for hub failure with the others, but I know why mine went bad. Lack of maintenance, I thought I was maintaining the bike well with oil changes and other stuff, but I never looked at the bearings. The bearing cage broke down and released all the bearings inside the hub. One or more of the bearings some how moved up between the hub and the spacer and one of the bearings finally blew through. Expensive lesson to be learned here.


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