To Re-jet, or Not to Re-jet, that is the question!

I've seen a lot of questions recently regarding this topic, so here is a list of when to and when not to rejet...


  • You just took delivery and did ALL the free mods...the bikes come lean from the factory and free mods make it worse.
  • You just put on a new exhaust system
  • You just installed a new carb
  • You just rebuilt the top end/had a big bore installed
  • You've changed average riding elevation by 4,000' or more
  • The temperature average has increased/decreased by 20 degrees
  • Whenever you have an environmental/mechanical change that significantly effects the air density or the air/fuel requirements of your engine.

Don't Re-jet

  • When you've only cut the grey wire
  • When you disconnect the TPS
  • When you remove the AIS
  • When your bike suddenly starts running poorly without any apparent reason
  • When you get new tires, graphics, grips, levers, brake pads, spark plugs or helmet cams
  • When you change your oil/coolant/suspension fluid
  • When you adjust your steering damper
  • When you finally set your sag properly
  • When you get into an altercation with a mountain biker
  • When your bike runs like a raped ape and you're happy with the performance

If I've overlooked something let me know :thumbsup:...SC

Should i re-jet when i re-jet????:thumbsup::busted:

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