Kickstarter stops half way when kicking...?

Lately Ive noticed that when i kick my 426 the kickstarter stops about half way through the stroke. I know how to start it, so its not that Im off TDC, but thats what it feels like. It has never done this before, and I am worried... I will kick it hard then it just "jams" really bad half way. I noticed if I hold the decomp lever and kick through a few times, I am then good to go. It only does this when cold, and the choke on. Really weird. I checked the valves and the exhaust are a smidgen tight, but not too far off... Could this be the problem? Sorry for the long post... Thanks

Mine do exactly the same thing WR400 1998 if Im not exactly on the TDC.

Check the decomp cable to make sure the decomp lever is fully engaging. It may need adjustment because it has stretched. Sounds like what happened to me a couple of years ago. I chased down everything else before I traced the problem to the decomp cable.

Thanks Rich... I'll check that out before anything. If thats not the cause, what should I look at next?

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