pics of the scoot and new exhaust




where did you get the black side panels? did you paint them? i have been looking for some and cant find any.


Yeah i painted them cause no one has them i tried's testers model paint ...

Is that carpet on the floor? Man, you must love your ride to keep it in the bedroom :)

Looks great btw

what kind of surface prep did you do to the plastic before painting? What testers paint?

I used a scotch brite pad(the green one's) and some acatone to get all the grease off . It's the spray testers in the 2 or 3 oz can. I got it at walmart. the paints been on about 9 months and still looking good!!!


Nice job, Felixx!! Love the blend of colors! Bruiser!

My boy's new King Cobra came purple and yellow like all Cobras. It is now the coolest black, silver, and polished billet. I was able to get front and rear fenders in black, but had to fake the rest.(Handmade polished alum inverted fork guards, too). That 8 yr old is out to steal some A-riders girlfriends!

I went to the auto parts store and got some special "plastic release agent remover" and some flexible-bumper paint. Surface prep is the key. Scotch brite works well. It is not bulletproof, but is easily touched-up and still looks great after racing 1 year. The real secret is black background vinyl over this, custom Strike Eagle (our team) graphics on that, with clear vinyl over all. It is gorgeous,washable, durable, and intimidating as hell, too. I plan to do my WR to match eventually, and was real happy to get a bit of a preview of yours. :)

Maier makes black YZ side panels and since I plan on using a black Clarke tank and seat (when I find ones I can afford), those will work perfect I think, though I worry @ the coolant reservoir. So far, the best I can find is silver shrouds. Not bad, but not black. I may not go fast like Skyman, but I can still LOOK fast when parked!

Any advice is welcome! :D


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