New Mexico trails

I am visiting from California and have a few days to ride in the Taos area and was wondering if any one can point me in the right direction for rideing? I will be heading towards Moab next and then have a week to ride some where in between Taos and California. I will check this post on the morning of the 3rd and later dates also, any help would be greatly apppreciated. Thank you! :)

Just south of Mile Marker 9 on Highway 68, just a few miles north of Española, there is a good riding area on the east side of the highway.

There is a small store on the west side of the road about a mile to the south of the turnoff, which is a pretty well traveled dirt road. If you follow this road to the east for about one or two miles it hits the foothills of the mountains, there is a sand wash that runs out of these hills towards the road, and that is the trail head for some good sand wash and trail riding.

RMEC has an enduro here, and NMDRC has a race on the same trails every year.

Probably a 30 or 40 minute drive from Taos.

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