removing BD electric start....

i'm looking at buying a bike that has an e start but is unreliable for whatever reason, does this kit just come off without cracking the cases etc?

So, I guess we don't get brand or model number, but I am going to say yes anyway............

If its for a 650R those kits suck, I have seen multiple bikes with them that don't work properly, not sure if you have to split the cases but I would assume so

it's a baja designs kit according to the ad, i have not talked to the owner yet.

You have to remove the cover for the stator/flywheel. A good machine shop should be able to press the starter gear off the flywheel so you dont have to buy another flywheel. The BD kits are expensive and you might be able to sell it if you arent going to use it. You will likely need a new cover if the owner did not keep the original. You may need a stock shift lever - the one that goes with the starter might stick out too far once its removed.

as soon as the seller contacts me i'll be heading up to see the bike. other than the unreliable electric start it sounds ok. here's the ad:

Honda XR650R 2001 Supermoto

current CA plates

Baja Designs light and electric starter kits. suspension by Chico Honda, Trailtech Endurance computer, Dunlop Sportmax tires on black Excel rims. Koubalink lowering link (lowers 1.75"), kill switch, Clarke 4.3 gal. tank, Big Gun exhaust, Fastaway handguards, gold Pro-Taper bars, Scotts steering stabilizer, Applied triple clamp, Dyno Jet kit, new chain and front sprocket, Renthal _t rear sprocket, Wave rotors, Moose guard, mirrors, oil sight tube, Ceet Gripper seat. Complete with stock tank, seat, ft. fender and exhaust. This bike is fast and super fun in the twisties. Note:Electric start is good in the morning but not reliable after running a long time - no more time to sort this out.

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