Tire Eating 426

My 01WR426 is going thru it's rear tire like a pro athlete goes thru money. I have really ridden the bike for about 2 months and my stock 739 is almost ready for the can. My front 739 is still looking good. I guess my question is should this be expected. I ride all kinds of terrain from desert to snow lately. I was looking at the 756 Dunlop but I think I may wear out even quicker. Do bikes with the power of a 426 just go thru rear tires or can I get something that will work well in a wide variety of terrain and last for maybe 3 months? Or am I asking too much

I change the rear tyre on my WR 426 nearly every 3 to 4 times that I go out on it I normally cover about 25 miles of hard enduro riding each trip through tight forestry, roots, and lots of mud I find that to get good grip it needs changing sometimes I will turn the tyre but that only gives me about 1 more outing untill it needs a new one. I have tried cheap V rubber tyres and these are ok but last week I put a Mich on. My front tyre is much better I recently changed that at 950 miles.

IMHO, Dunlops wear quickly.

If you're satisfied with the performance of the 739 you must ride a lot of hard terrain. Snow on a 739? Brave man! Try a Michelin H12 for hard (similar to the 739) or M12 for medium-like if you're looking for more traction now.

Michy's last a bit longer, again IMHO.

Try to keep the hard throttle to a min on rocks/hard pack they will last longer too

i think dunlaps are junk . i burn them off pretty fast .the best one i have found so far for the desart is the michelin h12 . so far hooks up great and i'm not burning it off in the rocks

I've had good luck with the Dunlop 739 Desert A/T. The compound lasts longer then the Dunlop 739 even on slickrock and rocky trails. I've had mine on since last fall with only mild wear after around 150 - 200 miles. I picked it up at www.rockymountainmc.com.


I agree, the Dunlops wear faster, But I can't bring myself to chuck the 756's, On my ride they stick like glue in the damp wet trails and hook up in the medium terrain.

It also helps That I can buy a new one at the GNCC races for $50.00, instard of the $69.00 my dealer wants.

Bonzai :)

I'm sold on the Mich M12 front and rear. This past weekend I had the pleasure of riding in Canada at Lake Koocanusa and the terrain was a mixture of deep sand, snow, soft dirt, and deep mud. Both tires worked great. During the summer riding in N. Idaho involves a lot of rocky conditions and the M12 will not chunk and the last three sets in two years have worked very well for me.

Without considering the type of tire, I also have noticed those thumpers eat tires (and chains). I think this is related to the high torque in comparison with a 2 smoke. You might say a 2 smoke rips more violently, but each time you touch the throttle on a thumper you have this huge amount of torque on the rear wheel, which eats chains and tires.

Oxnard, try the IRC mb5 130/18, great tire!! lasts long, great traction, good for all terrian. "BUT" your buddy's will hate you cause you kick up alot of dirt/rocks. :)


Front: D739 is average, D756 is great, but wears faster than 739.

Rear: D739F is not bad. I've used a D737 (junk) and Cheng Shin D755 (pretty good for a $35 tire).

I have not used any others on THIS bike, but I have heard from friends that the following tires are pretty good also:

Mich M12, H12, D756 rear, Dunlop K695AT (if you can still find one), and the IRC MB5 mentioned in an earlier post have all come highly recommended.

I ride So Cal desert and mountains. Mostly dry, sandy, rocky terrain with very little traction and very sharp rocks.



We both ride the same types of terrain. The 739 front sucks but is very durable, I had the same opinion about the 739 rear untill I put the 756 on the rear to match the awesome 756 front. Now I miss my 739 rear as it was very predictable were as the 756 rear does not transition well to the hard rocky slipery terrain we usually ride. What I would like is somthing thats a cross between the 739 and 756, the 756 is great in loose loamy and sand type rides. I think this time I will try the Dunlop K695. But if your interested mainly in long life, then the 739 is your best choice that still has some performance. IMHO


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I've had great success with the Pirreli MT-18. It hooks up better than any Dunlop I've had on the bike and lasts better. Much less ($) than some of the other tires out there. I do moslty trail riding that can be anything from muddy and soft loam to hard and rocky. Been pretty good for all around.

The best tire to use is a soft compound I bought a michelin s12 and i've done bout 200 miles on it and it's still like new

my 97mm big bore folds the knobs over on a S-12 but they hook great.

the 756 had a mediocre life span.

For desert I run a dunlop 606 rear and it is only 3/4 smoked after 1400 miles of wfo stuff.

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