shortage of 650rs in the north east?

Ive been looking for a used 650R for a while now with no luck. There seems to be plenty of them for sale on the Left coast though. Are there an Northerners on here that ride the big pig? Anyone looking to get rid of one?

The XRR is tough, so if you buy from a well-established seller a pre-purchase inspection isn't quite as important as it might be otherwise. Shipping bikes is way easier and cheaper than it used to be- I paid $325 door to door from upstate New York to Detroit using

You don't necessarily need to limit yourself to local sellers.



There don't seem to be too many big XRR's here in Ontario, but I do see a lot of XRL's on the streets.

I searched for months to find a good deal in the area, the only bikes i found were south of me, and the once within driving distance werent in the best shape or they wanted a fortune.

So i ended up buying a brand new 07 from my dealer. Apparently there were only 3 XR650R's left in the Honda warehouse where he gets bikes from...

I bought new awhile back and after the sale the dealer let down his hair a bit and told me somethings which I have reason to believe (as he had no reason to lie). He said that DS-type bikes account for perhaps 3% of all bike sales. That Dual Sport bikes in general are "kept" more than others. That is that the owners generally treat them well, stick with them and don't "go through" several trying to enjoy a new one, or a better match, etc.

Having thought about MX-type and street bikes a bit, I see that may just be quite true. The motocross guys will upgrade and look forward to a new model. The street bikes change quite a bit as time moves forward. But look at KLR's, DR's and XRL's...they are basically 10-20 year old designs. That's not to say that improvements haven't been made....they certainly have but a XL600 will do the same thing as most new bikes. It's just that it's older and even more basic. My point is that a DS bike generally does not see the "bike turn-over" market.

What market the used DS style bike does see is very limited. Honda's even more so.....Perhaps due to their unusual longevity!

The reason theres more in the west is because they are great desert bikes,grab a new one if you can as there are no more and they are awsome.Keep an eye on bike trader and ebay as shipping is not that hard.I live in Reno,Nv. and there are lots around this area I just bought a 2000 that was ridden twice for three grand including about a 1000.00 worth of add ons.I know it was an older one but it still had the knobs on the tires and they are the same bike 2000-2007.If you have questions on shipping email me and I'll give you some advise.I dont recomend an L model they are awfull heavy and feel like a ton when riding of course I mostly ride offroad.

I live in NJ and just bought one on ebay last week. I had to drive 3 hours to pick it up. Not too bad. There's been one on (NJ) for a while. I think it's a '00 that's been uncorked.

thanks for the tips, I think I may have found one with in driving distance of me...2002 for $3800...sound reasonable?

Im looking forward to the upgrade (coming off of a '06 DRZ400S) and think the 650R will meet my needs (and then some I hope).

My neighbor just picked up a 2003 XR650R with 2000 street miles on it for $2950. in western NY. The kid went to school in Vermont and bought the XR there for college transportation. We all know that Vermont is one of the few states where you can put a dirtbike on the road legally, so it has a title and tag. What a deal ! :thumbsup:

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