XR600 is Jumping Time

The cam chain is jumping time when I'm kicking it over. I'm not sure if its due to a stretched chain or if the tensioner spring needs replacing. I can't find a chain length spec in the repair manual.

Anyone know of a measurement to confirm if its due to the chain?

91 XR600.


the borg type camchain that XR uses is crap..it stretches easily..doesnt long much....normally you mount the chain and chain adjuster and it seems its all ok but when you start it,in a while it starts tiking the valves against piston (yes,it happened to me).the chain is too big(stretched) or the chain adjuster is not ok..but the chain adjuster does not have much play.probably your chain is too big..replace it..i almost killed my engine trying to keep the same chain..check on US ebay cause there are some people selling better replacement chains than stock ones.Good luck:thumbsup:

Most likely the chain has stretched and the tensioner has moved to the limit of its' travel. Pull the cam cover off to verify just what the problem is. At the least, you will need to replace the chain. If the engine was running when the chain jumped, there could be damage to the valves and the piston.

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