2001 KX65 fork oil height

Anybody willing to give me the fork oil height or volume for a 2001 KX65?

I just bought it used and don't really want to fork over all the money for a shop manual just yet.

I searched for a while, couldn't find this info (maybe my search skills are bad?)

(and thanks to those of you that shared info on the fender washer as an exhaust plug to eliminate the hit as it comes "on the pipe". I think just learning the clutch was hard enough on the little guy. I keep opening up the restrictor a little at a time and he always wants more power. Just wait til he gets it, he'll be flat on his back in no time at all! The KX65 has monster power)


With the standard fork spring the standard oil level is 132 mm, with a adjustable range of 98-142 mm:prof: . The owners manual says use Showa SS8 or SAE 10W-20.

Don't know the fork oil spec. but if your interested in buying a flywheel weight I had one on my son's RM65 that we don't use anymore. Send me a Pm if interested.

Thanks a bunch for the specs!

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