Power wheelie on YZ 2T vs. WR450F

i picked up my 06 WR450F last week....Stock gearing i can pull the front up in 3rd 4th and 5th seem to bog down a bit...more for the road.....

I was really suprised how easily my WR pulled the front wheel off the ground when it was stone stock and corked up, suprised me really, even with half throttle. Only on hardpack or rock would it do this, but it did it well. Now that it's fully uncorked, this thing is a wheely monster, even with the stock rear tire. It compares to my KTM300exc, neither my 400exc, or 525exc wanted to pull the wheel up as easy as the WR. I think if you're really after a thumper with 2smoker characteristics, then you should go for a YZF or CRF, these things are such quick revving, they really remind you of being on a 2stroke. You can really pull the front up with them. Also if you go with a WR, I think you could gear it lower, maybe go with a 13/52 combo, or even a 12 on front, and it should definately wheely at command. I do love that 2stroke snap, and a bike with the YZF or CRF based engine is the best way to go to find that snap. Honestly, I probably would have gone with another 2 smoke, but i do a lot of extreme elevation changes, and my previous 2 strokes were so much more finicky, you really had to rejet them for minor changes.

Well, just a bit of time has passed. I have a newer YZ250 now with a Rekluse Pro, 14/52 gearing, and my suspension all done up. I love my bike and won't part with it ever. Had this one 8 mos. now which is a record for me.

My co-worker's WR450F 2005 model is all uncorked with a FMF can but he can't and won't jet the bike properly. It allegedly has a JD Jet Kit but he won't let me near the carb. I'll have to try someone else's WR to know but his WR is a sick DOG compared to my YZ. He rides my YZ and likes it. I keep telling him to let me jet that 450 and he won't. It's sad when someone has a decent bike but won't explore how to make it run right. :lol:

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