WR400 riding position?

After riding a few other bikes recently It has made me wonder why my WR400 feels so different... Its hard to explain but the front end seems further away. The xr400 and gas gas 250 seemed to be more stable and easier to control in the wet muddy corners as if the front wheel was closer.

Could it be as simple as rotating the bars, has anyone else had a simelar problem? I know that other factors could be influencing the corners like suspension and tyre type/condition/pressure but any ideas would be greatly received.

Don't know about the Gas-Gas, but the XR400 has a steeper steering head angle than the WR400 making the XR easier to turn and maneuver. You can overcome most of the WR's slow turning by raising the fork tubes in the clamps a little and adjusting the rear sag to around 3.75 inches. This is done at the expense of a bit of high speed stability. I softened the fork springs in my '00 WR400 so that they would settle a little more than normal on deceleration and braking, made it a little easier to turn.

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