Another carb question

The P-38(reduced accel pump flow) will allow a richer clip position, try EKN#4. The #45 pilot can run lean with the stock air jets. This will sometimes allow turning the screw all the way in. It doesn't always mean you need a smaller pilot jet at all the way in on the fuel screw. See how it runs with the #45 and 2 - 2 1/4 turns out.

I admit I'm not good at carb jetting. I went from 172 main, 48 pilot, on a 99WR with WR timing which ran good but fouled plugs 2-3 times a year(black). New jetting is 170 main, pilot 45, OBEKN needle clip3. Both settings are with the P38 (KL mod). Now the bike starts better, but has a flat spot at the beginning of midrange and pops like never before. I put on the Kouda(thanks NHKevin) and have it at 1 3/4 turns out. When I turn it out to 2 3/4 out the popping decreases some but I am able to turn it all the way in without killing the engine(hence needing a smaller pilot yet???) Nice top end and more down low with the new jetting. Any ideas to get rid of the bog and popping? Help and advice would be appreciated :)

Thanks. I'll try it today.

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