What am I doing wrong?

I have gone through three sets of fork seals in 4 rides. I have an 03 and have replaced them myself each time. I am going to buy new bushings, seals, dust seals and circlips (or whatever they are called). Im lost because I follow all the steps in the manual except I use PVC to drive the seals in...any ideas?

Damn I just priced all of that and its over $100, damn.

My first guess is that there is a vertical scratch or a burred dent on your fork tubes that's causing the failures.

My second inclination is to tell you to buy a real seal driver.

The only other thing I can think of now is that your bushings are way loose, or you aren't covering the top of the fork tube in plastic when you slide the seals on.

pivot works and race tech both make a kit that comes with everything for about $75. I use electrical tape on top of the fork tube when I slide the seal on. Still have problems, then you may have a bent fork tube or like gray said a scratch or burr on the tube. Real seal drivers help

I had the same problem with seals in my '04 until I bought a good seal driver. I had a hard time getting the seals seated completely with pvc. The snap ring will still go in even if the seal isn't seated all the way.

Thanks for the help guys.

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