wr 400f where is this grey wire peeps

i have been told to disconect the grey wire to make it a bit better but i don't know where it is so can anyone here tell where it is

Thanks :)

madmanuk; just go to the top of this page and click on "search", then type in "grey wire" (could also try "gray wire") and hit "search" for (WR forum). If you search "all posts", you will find TONS of good info.

On the main page, look at the list of forums. You will see a special section for jetting, timing, etc. mods. Quick and easy. Good luck. BTW, don't just cut your wire, find the connector plug and work it out and tape it up. Easy to convert back w/o splicing.

Thanks mate i like this forum :)

Madmanuk, if yours is a Euro or Uk spec bike the grey wire is NOT, I repeat NOT applicable, it is a US only thing, like the throttle stop, it is not done to UK bikes

The wire is in the plug in question but then it dead ends in the loom !


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