Help 2001 wr426 starting help

I just bought a 2001 wr426 and i can not get it started at all.I got it from a dealer hear in md. They got the bike started at the dealership but when i got it home it wont start.I have not had a bike with a compression release before. I have been told there is certian way to start it but i cant get it .Any help would be great.:lol::worthy::busted::ride::thumbsup::busted:


I have the same bike. Very simple:

1. Pull the choke out when cold.

2. Kick bike over without the decomp lever engaged (pulled in) until you feel "the hard spot" and stop kicking

3. Now engage the decomp lever and move the kick lever a hair past "the hard spot"

4. Release the decomp lever let the kickstarter come all the way to the top and jump on it like you hate.

If the bike is hot do the exact same thing with the red "hot start" pulled out and the choke in.

I personally for what ever reason never use the "hot start" button no matter what.

Hope this helps, but I am sure that as I found out that everyone on here will tell you to look at the stickys and use the search feature.

Check out the free mods as I am doing the same. :thumbsup:

Go to the YZ forum and at the top of the page there is a sticky with common threads. At the bottom of that page there are two videos from Yamaha, one for cold start, one for hot start. Been there done that, I was pissed that I couldn't start my bike :thumbsup:

Good luck

If the above tips don't work check your spark plug. While I normally get pretty long life out of plugs with my '02 426, sometimes when they go they go quickly. One minute they're fine, the next it's dead.

If you're still having dramas starting, check to see if your inlet valves are in spec (not closed up) as this can also cause hard starting.

EXACTLY as stated above - first kick every time.

I also never use hot start - haven't had to because it always kicks just fine without.

Two things I should add to the procedure:

If the bike sat for more than 2 days, pump the throttle 2x before starting.

Always, always, always, take your right hand and place it on the tank while starting - the bike does not like any throttle input while being started.

I'm with you on the sparkplugs dying quick - this fall, my boy and I were just getting ready to go on one of our daily trail rides, I fire up blue, go and put my gloves and helmet on, as I walk back to the bike, it just dies, no sputter, no cough.

Well, I kick and kick and kick, have a mini coronary, get myself collected, off come the shrouds and tank, 2 minutes later, fires up first kick, on goes the tank and shrouds and we're off with a 15 minute start delay!

Glad that didn't happen 20 miles from home!!! I carry a tool kit, but you all know how/where that damn plug is located.

What plugs are you guys running? I've had REALLY good luck with the NGK Iridium. I put one in a couple years ago and it's still running great! A little on the pricy side but well worth it not to have to change a plug during a ride. I still carry a spare in my tool kit just in case.

until last week i never even used the decomp lever unless i (well as the name implies) yea....but i have to use the choke and decomp every time now....siezeco high compression piston...

if i even look at the throttle it will lock up at tdc and i cry til my shin feels better.. or get topo drunk to ride..

i start mine no gas at all choke and kick..usually 1 or 2 kicks...never use the easy button cold

I use the standard plug recommended, and as mentioned have good life out of them, it's just when they go they go fast.

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