xr650r 2nd gear slipping???

I am looking for some informed advise. I have an '01 xr650r that acts like the chain is slipping in 2nd gear only (no other gears) and the chain and sprockets are in good shap and properly adjusted. Is it possible for 2nd gear to be worn and the dogs slipping under power but not popping out of gear? Or what other possibilities?


Any interesting sounds with that slipping? Curious because I have a honking sound in 2nd on my '97 XR600R. I posted a thread about it not long ago.

My bike does this in 4th gear.. Under full throttle, it feels like you are pulling in & releasing the clutch intermittently without letting off the gas.. You can feel the bike trying to pull, but then slip, pull, slip, pull, pull, slip, slip and the bike is jerking violently while this is happening.

Only happens in 4th gear. Upshift to 5th-no problem. Downshift to 3rd-no problem. I already pulled the motor apart and could not see any obvious damage. I put it all back together, and the problem is still there-but not as bad.

The only thing I can venture is that the shift fork for 4th, which is bolted to the rail that the other forks slide on, is either not pushing the 2 gears together well enough, or that the fork got bent somehow. With my transmission in my hand and manually selecting the different gears, it was obvious that 4th had the greatest clearance between the two gears when engaged than any of the other gears. If I pull it down again, I will replace 4th fork, main shaft 4th, & cluster shaft 4th. Just to see if that fixes it.

Please post back and let us know what you find out with your machine, and/or what fixes it.

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