Help! Leaking stator gasket

After installing a new high output stator, and using a new Honda gasket, I developed a leak. So I redid it again with another brand new OEM Honda gasket. This time I meticulously cleaned all gasket debris from all surfaces, and used a thin coat of RTV sealant on each side of the gasket. Once again an oil leak, about three drops a day. Any suggestions? It crossed my mind that the black rubber 'grommet' that holds the exiting electrical wires may need sealing as well (I didn't do that).

The rubber plug needs RTV for sure. Can you tell where the oil is coming from? My XR leaks from the clutch actuator.

You can put RTV on the outside if you know where it is leaking. Tip the bike on it's side and clean the case with solvent. You don't want the oil to leak while the RTV cures.

The oil is coming from higher up on the right — from the three o'clock position or higher. I'll put some RTV on the rubber plug and see what happens.

make sure you torque it too. silicone can make a gasket "squish" out under uneven/incorrect torque.

i dont beleive there is slicone on that gasket from the factory, so i wouldnt use any myself.

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