Hill Climbs 650R, 450R, 450X

I went out today to Bean Canyon, SoCal-desert. First time there. We encountered many hills that a 650R would not make it up. The dirt was really sandy with ash in it from the recent fire. I kept sinking my front end into the sand on my 650R.

I was very impressed with the stock 2006 CRF450R. One of my buds took his track bike out and stomped us on the hills. His brother, a fellow XR650R owner, rode the two bikes back to back and the 450R reigned supreme for the day up the hills. There were a couple uncorked 450X's on the ride. They were not that impressive. They wouldn't wind out like the 450R and seemed to have equivalent hill climbing power to an uncorked 650R.




Cool pictures. The bike in the pics looks small on those hills !

Why couldn't the pig climb to the top of the mountain ? Wrong tires? Too heavy? Gearing ? The hill really is massive?

I would have thought the mighty R would have sailed up there in 2nd gear.

Looks like a splendid day out on the bikes for sure.

The 650 has the power, but it also has more weight. That weight is the difference. However, it is mostly rider skill. Hit the hill at speed and never ever let off the gas. All bikes have more or less the same tire size. The total weight of bike and rider sit on the same size contact patch. The lighter bikes don't need as much traction to make it to the top.

FYI - Bean is a big time bust after the fire. The locals are convinced that off roaders started the fire and they want their pound of flesh. It is almost all private property and the Kern county sheriffs will wait at your truck to bust you. The fines start at $465. Enforcement is up.

The pig definatly doesn't lack the power, but it has too much weight. There is a good sized sand hill near where I live here, and my buddy on his 450 will make it up it almost every time, where I have yet to make it up. A 260 lb guy on a 300 lb bike doesn't make for good climbing in the soft stuff. If the terrain is harder, the pig will outclimb the 450 based on shear power.

I let my buddy ride my pig up the sand hill, because he was convinced that it was the rider, not the bike. He didn't even make it near as far as I did... But, thats not the interesting part. I watching him ride his 450 up, and it made a decent roost, about 10 feet or so. He gets on my pig, with a fairly new 756 on it, and rides it up. Might as well have been a roto tiller... You guys ever seen those jet boats in the water, how they can throw like a 50 foot roost in the water? Yeah, thats what it looked like when he was on the pig... The sand shot out about 30 feet behind him, and he wasn't even full throttle...

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