I own an 01 wr426f and want to buy a Yz 450f to add to the collection. My question is do i buy a 03-05 with a 4-speed or do i buy an 06 with a 5-speed. I am hoping to get into mx but also want it for the occasional bush ride as well. Buying a yz will there be a fairly increased power hit to the wr? How would the 4-speed hold up in the bush and is it geared well for mx tracks? I would prefer to buy an 03-05 (because there cheaper)but if the 06 is alot more versatile ill just wait and get one of them.:thumbsup:


Sounds like you already know all the pros and cons. I owned an 03 and now an 06. If you want to trail ride, the 06 trans does space it out more for that but I think 1st gear is about the same. However, I do not trail ride and I preferred the 03 trans for MX. However, the 06 is a better bike in every other way and I can take the trans for all the other improvements. I can't speak to the power cause I've never been on a WR. If you are more MX, get the 06 YZ.

Buy as new as you can afford.

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