so does the 08yz450f really turn better than 06-08

nah buy one of each and starve the children

they'll be healthier with less weight.

hope the wife doesn't get wind of this.


You guys that dont like your 08's I have a few guys willing to take them off your hands. You must be riding a different 08 than the one I have. The bike stock feels like its lacking power I agree. But run it on pavement againts 07,08 crf, and 06,07 yz and you will then start to wonder. Then buy your self an exhaust system and the whole world changes. The 08 is so smooth its almost boring to ride until you see your lap times. My lap times before injured where roughly 3-5 seconds a lap faster on my 08 than on my 06. I have spent time on the 08 honda as well, I do like the bike but its just not as smooth as mine. The yamaha is very misleading to how fast you are going. I catch myself over jumping things etc, because of this. The handling is unreal. Once tall seat was installed it feels like a 250f in the corners. I love all the power, power, power talk look at the dyno numbers it has the power baby but its very smooth, electric like power. LOOK AT YOUR LAPS TIMES. For some you may not like it, just like a friend of mind that does not like is 08 crf, but many do. I am not brand loyal I do own 2 hondas as well. I will be honest I like the 08 crf,but there motor issues havent conviced me yet so I went with another yami and I am soooooo glad I did. Todd I know you are to righttttttt?

I bought a honda..

I think it all depends on person ability and riding style. I had a 06 crf 450 for 2years and just got done riding my 08yzf450 this weekend over at starwest, ca. The bike was super good and fun to ride, I admit the power is off but some of it is jetting and pipe noise. I think the dr d. pipe will fix all this. I rode an 08 honda before I bought my Yz and I was not convinced, I knew I would like either one, the yz seems easier to ride and slimmer. I think any of these bikes are better than most riders. NO bike is going to make you ride like Langston, so keep practicing and you might get to use most of what your bike is meant for.

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