Giant US vehicles

Hello to you all,

I'm from Québec, Canada and I've spent two summer weeks in the US this year. One in Baltimore (Maryland) and one in West Palm Beach (Florida). I had a very good time :).

What surprised me the most was that you guys from the United States are all drivin' big eight cylinders trucks. Hey, I thought you liked to corner quickly so what's the deal? Why are light little sports car so absent?

My only explanation is that motocross riders are very rare in the US. But, if so, how could your leaders be more concerned by the pollution generated by two stroke motocross riding than being concerned by those hundred million eight cylinders truck drivers?

I'm not trying to criticize your administration. Who am I to do such a thing? Our administration in Québec is actually a real joke :D. But I'm curious to know how you see this contradiction: the country of motocross champions is full of big eights...

We like everything BIG

Too much power is not enought


hummmm, come to any motocross track in SoCal. it will be littered with ford F350's and Chevy 2500HD's lifted 10 feet off the ground. those little fast cars you talk about are a whole other crowd. besides, with a little car like that you would have to put your gear bag in side with you. yuck!

The worst thing here are the people that can barely drive a small car, let alone a HUGE SUV. Its actually funny / sickening just watching them park. :)

Math, the government here, both federal and state, works like this:

1)find a topic-of-moment bandwagon to jump on

2)get some face-time on tv

3) make it appear that you are actually doing something

a)In order for this to work, you MUST pick an easy target.

b)The REAL problem, if one even actually exists, is never an easy target.

c)The easiest target is always the people who are so busy actually having a life, that they have no idea they have crosshairs centered on them.

i)Even the early warning shots are usually ignored by these people. They are naive enough to believe in freedom and liberty and that our politicians give a rat's furry butt about preserving these things for our future generations.

4) Declare yourself the Great Defender of the Defenseless

a)this is far easier than actually defending the Constitution.

b)In this statement, you have now painted all of the people who might oppose you as the Bad Guy Oppressors

c)Attach your destructive bill to another bill and coerce that bill's supporters into buying your vote by having to turn a blind eye.

5)Remember your target. They will always be an easy target. Let them think their dues money is going to an organization that actually fights on their behalf. Make their representatives feel powerful and special. Cut backroom deals with them.

6)Repeat steps 1-5 constantly and get re-elected.

Ha Ha Ha!!! :)


Chaindrive basically hit the nail on the head.

Just look at all the political campaign ads on tv right now.

I forget who said it but "We have met the enemy, and they are us", says it all!


Count me in, I drive an F350 crew cab. What else am I going to haul my bikes, kids, etc in? No such thing as "Too Big" (except when you need to park downtown under a high rise... :))

YES!!!! Cubby for PRESIDENT!!

Great post, Dan, I love this guy...

Hey Math

Ever been to Alberta?! Even the chicks drive trucks out here :)

Yeah, Chaindrive. Cubby is my man for President, too. The only problem is that politics drives guys like us nuts, so we don't get involved as much as we should.

Keep the faith and stay involved. For anyone who thinks one person can't make a difference: tell that to Clark Collins and Don Amador of BRC, or Roy Denner of Off Road Business Association, or Bill Dart, or anyone else who is waging the constant battle to keep our land open and the government (BLM) off our backs.



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