First Rides on Rekluse Pro - '07 YZ450

Whether or not the bike will engine brake is completely dependent on the set up of the Rekluse. I had mine set up so tight that it would engine brake all the way back down to idle unless I tapped the brake to lock up the rear wheel.

This setup had my stall speed actually too low as i could brake stall the motor by locking up hard coming into a which point I would have to kick start the bike because you can't bump start. I got really good at cornering while reaching down to flip out the kickstarter and firing back up before I came to a stop.

Since then I adjusted the stall speed just slightly higher and it is now brake stall ever and I have engine braking right down to just a hair above idle speed.

yes, the engine breaking can be's in the setup (this is on the latest rekluse Pro). there was an excellent article done through a Canadian motorcycle mag and that was one of the noticable benefits to the pro test rider.

once i get mine in january, i will play with the settings and let you know the results.

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