Tell me about the WR 400

Glad you like it, you'll get used to the weight and forget it's there.

You'll be doing 30-40 foot jumps in no time!

I was close to buying a 300exc before picking up my 400 - couldn't pass it up - price was right, at first, I thought "what have I done" it felt heavy and awkward compared to a 250f which is more what I was originally after.

Spent a good 3 days riding a minimum of 2 hrs per day and after that was convinced I didn't make the wrong choice - every time I'd go out on it I'd push it harder and also noticed how much easier the bike became to maneuvre around once I got the feel for it.

Edit - you may want to read the stickies for the free mods you can do right now, from what you've told us about the bike, I doubt anything was done to it, I'd be surprised if that doesn't wake up your low end torque a bit right off the bat.

Get the suspension set up for you and your riding style. I have the same bike and it's the best money I've spent on it thus far. Free mods are done so you don't need to worry about those. Stay on top of oil changes and keep the air filter clean. 2000 got the second gen carb with less issues, you just need a remote hot start kit. It is also before the addition of e-start and the added weight of a battery & starter. Personally I feel it's the best WR out there. But then I'm a tad biased. Enjoy the bike!

I picked up a '99 Wr400 over the summer. Saw it in the paper and snatched it up. I have to say I love the bike. This is not a light beast but it is fine for me. The suspension is a little soft up front for me (230 lbs) for my type of riding. I put in heavier weight fork oil and seals and it is much better. From what I have read these bikes are very reliable and long lasting. My freind had one in AZ for 5 years and raced it a bunch and never cracked it open. The only issue I have with the bike is the seat. If you ride all day over a weekend, it will give you a beating. 2-4 hours no problem. I guess I am used to my XR400. The big plus is that this bike will rip all day. It will keep up with modern 450's no worries. I did the free mods and put in a GYTR exhaust insert in. Fun bike to ride for sure. Get it and have fun. KJR

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