Hot Start failure - dirt in engine

In typical fashion, the plastic nut on my hotstart was stripped but still holding ok. After the ride I checked my oil and noticed it looked a bit darker than normal. That's when I noticed that the hotstart was actually loose, and there was gas/dust residue on the carb. When I pulled the hotstart plunger out I noticed dirt and grim on the bottom of it.

I already have the Zip-Ty replacement, but what else can I do to prevent further damage? My thoughts were clean the carb and flush the oil 2-3 times. Should I be worried? I'm wondering how much dirt could get sucked past the plunger. Thanks

I bet I'd get a couple pages of responses if I changed the title to "Will this bike do good wheelies?"

Yeah it'll do good wheelies!

You have already got the replacement Zipty nut...good. When you replace the hotstart plunger put a light coating of grease on it to help seal it and also to lubricate it's movement.

Aside from the obvious measures that you have mentioned of cleaning out the carb and changing the oil a couple times there isn't really anything else that should be necessary. Double check the fit of your air filter to the sounds like some of the newer WR's are having an issue of the filter cage not allowing the filter to seat completely but I don't know if that was an issue with your model year...which brings up a good point, I don't even have a WR, only a YZ, so why am I in here? Just a bike-whore I guess. :thumbsup:

Even though you're a YZ rider, I appreciate the response just the same. And good call on lubing the o-ring. The manual didn't say to, but I don't think a little lithium grease could hurt anything.

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