Rimrock Grand Prix

Any ThumperTalkers going to this race this weekend?

Pretty cool race where they lower the level of a reservior, then we race around the lake (about 8 miles per loop) with the track being the difference between high and low water marks.

I have heard that this is a very fast race.

We shall see.

Anybody going?


Well, the race did not go as planned. I ended up getting a flat front tire about 30 minutes into the race. My buddy Nick ended up with 2nd Place in "4-Stroke Expert", so props go to him.

This race is alot of fun, and if you have the chance, I would recommend it. 8 mile loop of mud, dirt, rocks, stumps, and SPEED! There were 2 spots on the course where the bike was WTO for 1/2 mile or so. Big fun! We also saw some wrecks that were outrageous.

Here is a pic of the start of the race....



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