Used bike market

I've advertised my '99 YZ-400 for second time this year, once in summer and now, both times in Trader magazines. ( with nice picture! ) Not even one call received so far. I'm asking 4600.00 Canadian ( About 2900.00 USF ) Is it me or is the market very bad at this time? :)


Your price seems very resonable to me but, if I sold mine, I'd probably ask for more. I also realize the bike probably wouldn't sell. The reason...... we have 400's. 426's are selling for the price your asking and soon, when the used 450's hit the market it'll only get worse.

I won't sell mine, I'll convert it to motard and ride it on the street and then buy the latest and greatest. The only other option would be to let the dealer have it on trade. :)



Hugh, I think Bill is right. Your bike is pretty dated already. These things just don't hold their value. Just be glad you didn't spend 8 thousand U.S. for a KTM! :)

Hugh, ever thought about putting your bike on E-Bay? My bro and I have sold two bikes on E-Bay. We got the price out of them we were asking. :)

Season has alot to do with it as well. Down here you can't sell anything unless it floats....Bike season is just now begining. I have watched the same used bikes sitting in front of dealers buildings since about mid-may....They are just starting to move. Your price is more than fair. Be Patient....ALmost everyones economy suck right now, E-Bay seems like a good option too me.

Good Luck,

Bonzai :)

Thanks for the replies Guys! I have decided to keep the '99 for a couple more years after all by doing uprades in the off season. A powder coat and '02 front plate and fender is in the offing. I can't justify dishing out 9200.00 canadian for a 450! And yes there are lots of '02 426's sitting around selling for cost.

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