NX650 shift leaver same as XR650L?

The shift lever on my newly aquired NX650 is toast. A previous owner tried to weld it and messed it up pretty bad. I was wondering if I picked up and aftermarket shift lever for a XR650L if it would work on my NX650?



Most gear levers will fit on the spline, the only thing you need to get right is the bend/shape so you don't have rubbing against the case, and length so it is correct distance in front of the peg, depending how far forward the gear lever spline is of the peg, if that makes sense... go to a wrecker with your old one, and see if they're the same size/shape as the XR, and if it is, buy the wrecker's one, or knowing it's the same, buy an aftermarket.

its pretty much the same engine, should be fine.

Thanks guys. I went to Cycle gear yesterday and picked up one for a XR600. Looks to be close in length and layout. Just hope the shaft/splines match up.


it should!

Well I tried to put the shift lever on today but it's not going to work like it is. The shaft size is fine but it doesn't stick out far enough to the side and so it hits the side of the engine. Wondering if I can bend it to the right shape? It's a MSR aftermarket brand.



They (The MSRs) are pretty bendy- it should bend a bit without issues.


Thanks for the info. Should I try and heat it as I bend it or will it be OK do bend it cold?

i had the SAME issue when i put the MSR on my 650L.

all i did was rotate the lever down one tooth and it clears fine. ive had no problems after, shifting up.

the MSR is a solid piece. mine will not bend like a stock lever does.

i even dropped it by accident on that side and the lever merely just tilted the foot peg up a bit. no prob.

I managed to mount the MSR lever one spline down like martinfan30 suggested and then bent it slightly outward by hand. Works perfect! Thanks for all the help guys!!

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