Carnage! Check this S--T out!!!

stepho- you use the blue bike what for kinda race?seems weird the riding position?Kind a supermono?Or drag?:thumbsup:

sportbike, no racing, just a good all around street bike with great handling incredible braking and can launch off a line faster than ay bike out there.

Can I get a Gator with an F4i engine?



It can only be good that your motor is making more power at 4500rpm than the original does at max power!

Id be happy with either of the blue or green curves. Do you use a std CDI for that - I assume not? Just got my new system thru the post (from the US of course !) so hope to gain a bit of top end power and a lot of midrange with it. I generally use 99RON fuel so should be able to take advantage of the better fuel with a bit of luck. I'll let you all know how I get on (or wont if it blows up!)

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