yz426 to 450

I just got a YZ426f and i would like to fit the 450f bodywork, seems like very few people parting out 450f....

Does anyone know if the 250f sub/airbx will work with the 426?

parts list:




R. master



special brackets for the tanks, (I got a template)

03-05 yz250/450 will work

from SMJ, these are the items needed to make the 03-05 conversion.

from SMJ, these are the items needed to make the 03-05 conversion.
The quote contains an error: YZ250 parts will not fit; YZ250F parts will.

But the YZ250 rear master works.

But the YZ250 rear master works.
That much is true.

ok cool im going to look for those parts

If you're patient you can pick up all these parts on ebay. Sell your 426 parts and when your done you may have very little if anything into the the project.

Mine was really easy to do. It takes some love to fit the subframe to the upper main frame mount. If you did not know, the front fender is the same. If you plan on running a IMS tank with radiator braces, it will not work. Only after I called Unabiker and told him what I needed and he did a custom set for me. Check out my garage for pics of my 2000 426. Good Luck!!

Just got your PM about the brackets, sent you a reply to your PM. Was going to e-mail as requested but didn't know if this was still an ongoing project. How's it coming anyway?

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