drive wear?

I have a 2005 wr it! I still have stock chain, and both sprokets. How can I tell it is time for a new parts? Last weekend at the BearFoot Enduro I saw a lot of guys with busted chains on the side of the trail....does not look fun!

Any suggestions on brands of chains and sprockets?


all depends on how you ride but as a starting point.

are the teeth on the sprokets "shark toothed"?

is there excessive "free play" side to side on the chain?

is it rusted or showing weird wear patterns?

how often do you clean and oil the chain?

as far as sprockets and chains i have had very good luck with this combo

stock wr 450 frt, sunstar steel rr, and rk XSO or EXW chain. usually 1 set per year

if your sprockets look anything close to the right side of this pic


then you need to replace your sprockets, if you need to replace your sprockets, also replace your chain - do a complete set ot else you'll just wear the next sprockets even faster because your chain will be stretched to the old sprocket wear.

When I replace chains/sprockets, I do the whole drive train all at once - it'll give you the longest life out of the components.

here's a good writeup on chain stretch:

I am not a chain expert. Great info above.

On sprockets, I would recommend IRONMAN. They cost more, but they are lighter and do not wear out. People normally replace quite a few chains before these sprockets.

Do a thread search on these sprockets.

Just my 2 cents. I think they also look tricked out verse stock.

Do a thread search on Ironman sprockets.

You replace chains before sprockets with these. Cost more, but IMHO worth it.


Check the service manual section 3 page 33

There is a specification for service limit 10 links or inside length of 11 pins is 5.91 inch or 150.1 MM this is service limit for chain stretch Sprocket wear is another issue but they happen at the same time. Which is why they recommend repalcement as a set.

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