I don't know if this is the place for it but my handlebars are really really crappy and they are bent too. I don't want the local $18 handle bars, so which one should I get? I want a normal feel, not a cr500 high rise, but a close to stock. Thanks

For a good price and decent quality check out Rocky Mountain ATV's web site and buy their brand of handlebars, many kinds..



Thanks, what's the benefit of having high rise cr handle bars?

more comfy while standing. i am 6'5" and use 2" PIVOTING risers. they will let you move the bars forward as well as up.

I bought my bike ('00 XR600R) used with a set of Renthal bars on it. They're pretty thick aluminum with the bolt-on cross brace and they seem to be a medium rise.

I'm 6'3" tall, and when I'm standing on the pegs, lo-rise bars make me feel like I'm riding hunched over. I always adjust my bars to attain the highest possible grip without making my wrists feel awkward.

When I'm standing on the pegs, I like to keep my shoulders as squared as possible instead of rounded and hunched over. It reduces neck fatigue too since I don't have to strain my neck to look ahead.

Oh I see. I now know what you mean. Like you can't stand all the way up, because you have to hold onto the bars, and if they were higher then you could stand up. I am 6'2", so I will probably get those. So, do I have to get new triple clamps, or do they even make them? Is mine 7/8"? Thanks

if you go with the roxspeedfx 2" PIVOTING RISERS, you need nothing.




How much do they cost? What bars do you have? Will the risers work for my bike? Thanks

those are stock bars and yes they will work on yours.

mine were free as a test product, but i hear they are 40-50 bucks.

i just really like the forward adjustment of them.

I have bent bars. So mine need to go, and mine are for some reason really wide, I don't think they are stock.

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