Trail Ride and Hare Scramble E of Atlanta 4/14

Come compete in a hare scramble or trial ride Sunday April 14 at Durhamtown Plantation. The property is about halfway between Atlanta and Augusta GA. I 20, take exit 138, go N on GA77 to Union Point. Turn right on GA44, go 1.3 miles. Turn left on Temperance Bell road, go 7.1 miles. The property is privately owned and there is more than 3000 acres available. The GA Crackers MC Club has held two enduros and one hare scramble (all SETRA events) there in the past, and received “Enduro of the Year” and “Hare Scramble of the Year”. The Crackers have cut over 60 miles of trail on the property and Mike McCommons (land owner) has cut even more! He has at least 30 miles of trail open for public riding. The Hare scramble will be using only a small area, so you can trail ride if you do not want to race. Durhamtown has RV hook-ups, camping, cabins, food, etc. There is a charge to trail ride, camp, etc; go to their web site for more information. Our 4 wheeler friends are having quite an impact on the trails, especially with the wet weather, so come by and ride soon before the trails become too wide and deep. Be sure to tell them that you heard it from Greg w/ the GA Crackers.

Greg, this sounds like a lot of fun....

Yamicasi & MXTuner, what do you both think??????? :):D:D

I'll have too see, Got the Big Buck GNCC Race next weekend, then Loretta Lynns GNCC on the 20/21st, and possibily the Spartan GNCC May 4/5. I don't know if I can physically do another event in between. I'm in the Gym 5 day's a week now. We'll see.

Bonzai :)

Come on guys, how often do you get to ride or race that close to Atlanta? You need to check this place out anyway. My club has put alot of hours in cutting trail (I hope it hasn't been damaged too much by weekend warriors). We are going to have a grass track section, a couple of dirt road sections so you can "rest", some nice woods, and a couple of muddy spots. 10.3 mile loop.

Hope to see you there.


Greg, It sounds great and I would love to do it. If I can work it in, If I can manage it I'll be riding instead of racing. I'll be done with GNCC's after the Spartan Ky race for the year...(Unless I can get someone to pitch in for gas for the Ohio and Penn races.) I showed my wife the website last night, she is intrigued by the cabins and meal availability....

Stay Tuned...

Bonzai :)

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