XR650R Fork oil change

I'm new to my BRP, and I don't have the owner's manual. Looked, but didn't find a how-to. On previous bikes there was a drain hole. Do I just take out the bottom adjuster? :thumbsup:


Easiest way is to take the forks out of the trees, remove the top caps (watch out- they're loaded from below by the spring) and pour/pump the old oil out.

....and when you turn them upside down, you will want to pump them a bit, so beware of oil spurt.

Don't take out the bottom adjuster.................

Also, put in a tiny bit less oil volume than the manual suggests (20 vs 21.5oz). This will make it plusher.

I know that ass from somewhere :thumbsup:

What fluid are you planning on using?

Thanks, guys. Figured that might be the way. So be it!:thumbsup:

I know the Deadhead symbol! The Hoosier with the new '07!

I'm putting Honda 5 wt., though I'm told some guys use 2.5. I'll probably use a little less, as suggested here, and see what I think.

My 2000 is a battered pos, but a few thousand dollars later, it's shaping up.

What can I say? I LIKE THAT ASS! It's creamy...

That's one fine ass there........

You should measure the oil height not the amount poured in. When you just drain the forks you don't always get it all. I believe the standard is 4.7 inches from the top of the tube with the sliders all the way down and the spring and rebound rod removed. Plus you know where you're at if you want to add or remove oil.

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