13 tooth sprocket

I have a 2002 xr650 and want to try a 13 tooth front sprocket. I don't seem to go as fast now days. Does anyone know if I will have to change the chain length? Thank you.

XRL? XRR? current gearing/chain?

Assuming you have a 650R with the stock 14/48 gearing, no, you shouldn't have to change the chain length. However, I've heard some chains are unhappy about curling around a 13-tooth sprocket, the diameter's a bit small. You may want to consider a larger rear sprocket instead.

I ran the 13 up front and the chain kinked up like Dave sez.......it kept the engine wound tight if you know what i mean.....i had the stock sprocket on the back.....i could run the tight woods out here in 2nd, 3rd and sometimes 4th....made 1st useless......i think a larger rear sprocket, and leave the front at 14 or 15, by 1 or 2 teeth will be better.

I run 13 48on my older xl500r. 520 mid-grade oring chaing. No problems after 2 years. I have higher transmission gearing than an xr and a 14 on the front just makes me push a little too much for our trails here. Just disconnect your master link and put both ends at the back sproket and put them one tooth apart. See if you have enough adjustment to take up the slack. If so you are are good to go on the 13. Unless you chain in way worn, you should be OK though.

Just disconnect your master link and put both ends at the back sproket and put them one tooth apart.

A 650R doesn't have a master link. It has a staked chain.

I agree with nukinfutz. Even a the slowest pace it was useless to use 1st.

Thank you for your input. The bike is an xrr with stock gearing and chain. Sorry about the incomplete info. It sounds like the way to go is a bigger back sprocket. Does some one sell kits with front and rear sprockets and the correct length chain? Thanks again.

Take a few things into consideration is my suggestion......

Some research with a local bike shop will go a long way.

Look at a few things like: Terrain......mud, sand, dusty etc. Where you ride most.

Hard metal on the sprockets will eat a chain up at a faster rate>

softer on the sprockets will see the sprockets wear faster.

Use a quality lube....Don't use chemicals to clean an O-ring chain.

Are you a bigger fella? (may seem trivial, but a 350lb rider will stretch a 520 chain considerably with an aggressive riding style) may want to go with a heavier rated chain.

There are sooooo many other factors to look at in this dept....TT'ers help me out here......

In any case, 112 to 120 sounds like a length to start with.....if you only wanna go 1 to 2 teeth on the rear. You shouldn't have to dump major $$$ in this to get a matched up set of chain/sproks either. Again...TT'ers are a good group to go to for advice on namebrands....and tried and true solutions. So far all I have ever used is the stuff from Honda...steel spockets....seem to be durable under my hard assed riding style....never chipped any teeth, etc. the chain I go with RK, O-ring. Has lasted 2 complete seasons now, using Bel-Ray lube.....really sticky shit.....

Hope I helped................:thumbsup:

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