2006 yz450 crankcase help

I bought an 06 450 recently and tore her down to check the engine before I took her out in the forest. I was shocked to find something has been bouncing around in the engine and punched a hole in the case forward of the crankshaft into the oil tank. Some genius J.B. Welded a patch over it. A co-worker of mine is extremely good at Tig welding and said he could fix it. Has anyone had any experience with repairing engine cases with success? Any comment would be greatly appreciated.

Yes. If the hole is away from any machined joints or surfaces, it can be easily patched by simply welding it shut, or by cutting a "plug" to fit and welding that in. If it runs across or into a joint, that surface will need to be recut. Not a big deal, especially by the sound of it.

BTW, I love A10's.

Thanks much! Working on it now. I crewed A-10's for 10 years. A prime example of "Death from above".

Some genius J.B. Welded a patch over it. Any comment would be greatly appreciated.

LOL, sorry! I just bought some quick dry JB weld for my tool pack 1 ride prior to a ride where I split my case at the dunes from a chain failure. I thought it would be good to have in case I had a last minute, small repair in the middle of the desert to do? I think i jinxed myself and about $1500 later...:thumbsup: ?

my case is also cracked from chain failer not my falut but it was jb welded and it leaks a little surface oil from it no big deal just looks like crap

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