burn fuel line after installing TY Davis tank.

hey guys,

i seems to be caught with a problem, as after i installed my new TY Davis tank the second fuel tap seems very close to my FMF header due to the bend to avoid the oil filter and end up burning my fuel line, i had tried many ways of routing the fuel lines as well as cable tying them but dont seems to work. any susgestion ? and during rides i find that my fuel tap is also quite badly heated up, is it bad for my tank in long run?

Getting blown up is always bad in the long run.

i havent had any problems since i insulated part of fuelline that gets close to headpipe. __hr_gasline.jpg?bc.o298AW1cO3VMz

Agree with Freestyle, Several of my friends went to the auto parts store and bought braided fuel line covers for their lines and have had no problems whatsoever. The problem with heating the fuel control on the right side has been discussed many times on this forum. The general consensus seemed to be that there was not enough heat passed to the control to cause a problem, unless you sit and idle for long periods of time.

Bonzai :)

My ty davis tank has a threaded petcock that is farther away from the pipe.

I also route my fuel line behind the top end oil line and that has kept it out of harms way.

BTW, I have never turned it on. Even in baja with 150miles between fuel stops I never got on reserve.

I think about just carrying a fuel line and T junction in my fanny pack and doing away with the cross over all together.

well guys,

tanks for all your reply, but my tank seems to the longer version of the TY tank, and even have some problem switching to reserve. so guys susgested changing the header to maybe WB or big guns due to the bend is lower.

Why not just eliminate the petcock and block off that side of the tank? The stock petcock screws and gasket and a little metal plate would do it. My Clarke YZ tank is setup to use a second petcock but I'm not using it. If I get low enough on fuel to need that side's gas, I can tip the bike to transfer the fuel to the left side of the tank. Besides, the way the hose is routed, it looks like the fuel wouldn't drain from the right side once it got below the top of the bend in the hose. There's not much siphoning force with the float bowl so high. So you would probably have to tip the bike over anyway with or without the second petcock.

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I have had the same difficulty. I have a big gunn exhaust/Acerbis fuel tank and it comes closer to the tank than that. I went on the suggestion off someone else and blocked the right side completely off. I made a small plate + gasket and replaced the right side petcock. It has never been a factor. I did a couple of long rides and found that gas still made it on the left side without worry. Unless you are doing Baha or 200+ miles, believe me you will not notice.

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