hot start button wr400f 1998

I recently bought Yamaha WR400F '98.

Since then, I have been reading everything, I could find about the bike... I read somewhere, that there should be the red hot start button, but I don't have it. Is it possible to install it afterwards?

98 has "black" hot start looks just like choke button but mounted on frame between airbox boot and rear of carb.

I always thought, that the second black button was the compression release lever.

No wonder, why I had trouble starting it =)

OK. You must have noticed that I'm new with these bikes, so:

If the two buttons on the left side of my bike are choke and hot start, and the compression release lever is in the handle bar, next to clutch, where is the kill switch?!?!?

You've got to be kidding. Is this an Aprils fools joke or what.

a red button on your left handlebar with "engine kill" or something like it written on it.

if you have proper switchgear on your bike it will be a logo of a pair of earprotectors with a "X" over them.


No, this is not an April fools joke... I just don't have the red button (kill switch) on my bike.

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