New to thumper talk,But a member.Just wanna say whats up.

Well im new to thumper talk and Im allready apart of allready and they dont seem too wanna help me out with my yz400f.It has a edelbrock carburetor and I was just wondering if this a 4-wheller carb.Cause I cannot find them anywere for dirtbikes.Any sugestions?Oh yeah Im new to 4-strokes also.Just got the bike 2 days ago:applause: Ive had 2-strokes in the past.And moved up to 4-strokes.And my bike is really hard to start.The carb dosent have a choke???its a auto choke:excuseme:

thanks felix that is an awesome bike you have there.I love the white!I bet that one hauls balls!Any engine mods?

thanks felix that is an awesome bike you have there.I love the white!I bet that one hauls balls!Any engine mods?

thanks :thumbsup:

and nope she is stock, i'm thinking about hotcams and WB exhaust, but not now, suspension first :busted:

Very nice!!!

NCMountainman has a ton of experience with these Edelbrock carbs - you should pm him.....:thumbsup:

OH and welcome to TT

Ok guys I tryed to start it when it was cold!And second start it came too life.I had to prime the accelerator pump with 4 twists of the throttle and she started right up!!!Well its still popping and backfiring a little bit,accel and decel.So do you think I should run it a little richer.(maybe 1 clockwise click) too start out with,then move from there?I will change the oil and filter later today.thanks for all the info guys!You all are AWESOME!

SOME Decel popping is normal, and it's harmless. That would be where it pops up to 3-4 times while decelerating in gear. If it pops more than once in a while when you just rev it up at a standstill, the idle mixture is probably lean, or you have an air leak in the exhaust.

Erratic, irregular popping out the exhaust while holding a steady speed or accelerating is quite often due to the main circuit being lean. Yo might try going one step richer at a time to see what happens.

Download a manual from Here:

If you have trouble with the file, and you might, then use a manual for a 2000 YZ426 from this site:

Study the oil change procedure and understand it first, then do the job. Skip the part about removing the oil line and the filter screen in the frame. Key points:

>Run the engine for a minute first

>Drain the frame and retighten the drain plug (hold a pan up close to the drain hole!)

> Drain the crankcase and retighten the drain plug

> Change the filter

....Don't loose any of the 4 O-ring seals from under the cover

....Don't strip the bolts, especially the lower one

....Tighten them evenly so you don't break the cover

> Refill with 1.4 Qts, run the engine for a minute, shut it off, check the level and add to the correct level.

Well it pops alot when I first start it when reving in neutral.But havent really got to ride the bike at all.Just down the street.And is draining the frame and the crankcase the same thing/same bolt?I will read the links you posted ASAP!thanks...... draining the frame and the crankcase the same thing/same bolt?
No. If you can't get one of the manuals for some reason, try this link. Use the procedure for the '01/'02 models shown, again leaving out the part about the frame screen and the oil line.

And is draining the frame and the crankcase the same thing/same bolt?I will read the links you posted ASAP!thanks......

um, no!

you really need to read the manual.

Thanks alot grey.The other downloads would'nt work my comp did'nt wanna download it.But this one works fine.But I rode the bike today for like 4 hours,and that bike makes my cr125 look like a pit bike!The power is INSANE!I never even use 5th(I ride tight trails) I get it up to 3rd and its fast enough.But everytime I decel it pops like 30 times in any gear???Its super loud!!It pops real bad.......When I rev it up in neutral it pops on accel a little bit but not that bad.But really pops on it running real lean or does the exhaust maybe have a leak?Or the boot(s)connecting the carb?thanks and Im planning on riding tomarrow so need help right away......

The first thing is to check the exhaust system for leaks. Once you're satisfied it's OK try getting the idle mixture a little richer.

how do I check the exhaust for leaks?Do I just start it and feel around for leaks?I think for sure it has a exh leak on the silencer.On the end that has the rivits on the end.the rivits are popped out....And it dosent look like its sealed all that good.could that cause it?And to richen it you turn it clockwise right?thanks GREY...........

A leak at that point won't usually cause it to pop much. To locate leaks, have someone work the throttle while you listen close up to the mid pipe and header/head joints by holding a 2 foot hose to your ear. You'll know if you find one.

Don't know on the Edelbrock.

oh so should I just turn it in clockwise for it to be a little richer?I hate it popping like that!

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