Hello everyone I need help with my yz400f!(please)

Yeah I just put the plug in it.A new cr8es (bought two just in case)And it started up fine.But I havent tryed it when the bike cooled down again.I will try later, its still hot!I rode it for 10 minutes and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!! I hope it starts when its cold now.....

Oh yeah and I adjusted the carb and learned alot of new stuff from crazyal He is a great guy and REALLY HELPED ME ALOOOOOTTTTT!!!!!!!! We was talking on the phone and he told me step by step how to do it thanks guys and god bless........

Okay, take a deep breath and calm down. No need for tears, you are in the right place for some help. Put down the coffee and no more Mt Dew (you definitely don't need more caffene or sugar right now).

Sorta reminds you of Tweek on South Park :busted::thumbsup:

Just kidding kid. You're getting nothing but good advice here.

Ok guys I tryed to start it when it was cold!And second start it came too life.I had to prime the accelerator pump with 4 twists of the throttle and she started right up!!!Well its still popping and backfiring a little bit,accel and decel.So do you think I should run it a little richer.(maybe 1 clockwise click) too start out with,then move from there?I will change the oil and filter later today.thanks for all the info guys!You all are AWESOME!

Sorta reminds you of Tweek on South Park :busted::thumbsup:

:busted: I quit watching South Park when Kenny died.:ride:

:busted: I quit watching South Park when Kenny died.:busted:

Cute :thumbsup:

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