Alternate Source for XR650L Turn Signal Relay

I need to replace my turn signal relay on my XRL. OEM from BikeBandit is $42:shocked: Anybody got a p/n for a car version that'll work (and be cheaper)?

Go buy a standard automotive flasher, and just plug it in. Don't buy a heavy duty relay. Those tend not to work with custom lighting. I use these on the DR and my XR because they are using smaller lights. The stock suzuki relay(rubber mounted and square) doesn't work with a smaller bulb, or if you blow a bulb. The Baja kit on the XR came with an automotive flasher. As for the XRL, I haven't put my new blinker kit on yet, but will have to use one also. Just ask your parts store for the cheapest auto blinker relay. I paid about 3.50 at Napa and 1.50 at my local store.:thumbsup:

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